Enterprise Plan also supports planning and operations. We offer the best AWRD to meet your needs.

There are various tips for holding an AWRD. Loftwork, AWRD's operating company has proven based on the open innovation management results so far that it can design the optimal project according to the request and can derive the desired results. We will use our know-how to support you. AWRD can offer you more than just "soliciting ideas and works for recognition". Our goal is to create a forum where everyone involved, such as the organizer, participants, and judges, can commit to value creation. The planning and operation of an AWRD is always full of new challenges.

Four reasons to introduce AWRD in your business

A creator community accelerates service

Designer, Illustrator, Engineer, Architect .... A wide variety of creators in our community highlight the new value of technology and services that your business has with flexible perspectives and ideas.

Ideas and energy gathered from all over the world

Loftwork has a global network of FabCafe at 10 locations around the world, and through local events, it is possible to gather high-level ideas from all over the world.

Designing a mechanism to maximize project outcomes

Kick-offs, parties for the press, lectures and workshops for the participants, monitoring exchanges, awards ceremony, award-winning exhibitions, etc. The relationship between the organizer and the participants deepens, creating opportunities for the quality of entries and ideas.

For branding and PR

There are many opportunities to create contacts with media and users during the AWRD process, such as competition announcements, application briefings, and announcements of winning works. AWRD can also be used as an opportunity to publicize your efforts.

Enterprise Plan Approach

1. Selection and assignment of judges

We support the selection and assignment of judges based on budget and needs. The presence of the jury will improve the participants' motivation, guide them to determine the direction of the entry, and can be used as a public relations hook.

2. Curated contests and hackathon planning

Design the optimal AWRD type according to the purpose and task. We also contribute to the enhancement of the project's brand while proposing a catch phrase and titles that convey the attractiveness of the entire project.

3. Measures to reach global targets

Power up your AWRD in conjunction with related businesses and services

4. Various event planning such as kick off and award ceremony

From press conference, workshops, mixers to award ceremony and exhibitions, we plan and manage offline events that connect communities.

And we also help Public relations and promotion support, Applicants' recommendations and approaches, Create a movie and report, Production of a dedicated site, File management system and Competition administration and inquiries.

It can be used for such an event.


A wide range of ideas will be gathered based on the themes. The online reviewing function also allow judges to check the works remotely along with the Vote function.


Hackathon / Ideathon can be hosted at an ease. For example, a brand new team could be formed during the process of gathering portfolios from different creatives, or participants can create the works for entries at the event.


It can be used as a business solution or new business development with external ideas. You also have an option to host it as a private challenge.


This type of event can be held easily after filling out the basic information. Participants can also apply to join by just using photos from smartphones or hand sketches. The entry page is well-designed where you can use it for quick presentations.

Awards add new value

Awards of various size such as competitions and hackathons not only function as mechanisms to collect and award excellence in creativity, but can also serve as a way to discover and verify excellence, develop content, or act as a branding or PR tool.  

The AWRD platform can also be used for companies and local governments that are looking to unearth ideas currently not being tapped into within the company or organization and which could lead to new business, co-creation, or open/external collaborations. We hope that AWRD will be used for collaborations with a variety of creators outside the company in a bid to develop new business, R & D, or for marketing or PR purposes.

Case Studies

Logo design project for multi-player J-Startup initiative

Through a judging event and public voting, we raised the awareness of all parties involved. The selection process and surrounding discussions were an opportunity to actively exchange ideas that conveyed the intended sentiments and images that are quite difficult to express in words and the unique aspects of the designs that are usually hard to grasp. We were able to create a project that takes into consideration the wishes of all participants by opting for a vote-based judging method.

KENPOKU Art Hack Day sparked interest and served as a promotion for community involvement

The award promotion itself serves as a strong message for the project. Art projects, in particular those with community involvement, serve to expand the participant base, contribute to corporate branding with a theme that a wide range of people can relate to, and also play a public relations role.

Yamaha rolled out a global award for companies and successfully secured new business partners

We put together an award with a theme that addresses the company’s needs and was based on both their internal research fields and technologies, and this allowed for Yamaha to conduct a semi-closed idea-a-thon with a select pool of targets. It enabled them to look for golden ideas that they could develop into new business.

The global creative award YouFab celebrates its 7th years

Expand your perspective and horizons by involving a variety of talent from other industries. Leverage Loftwork’s services to call on creators who suit your specific needs, and tap into the talent pool of creators around the world.

Creators rediscover the charms of local areas and products with the USIO Design Project

By taking on board perspectives from external sources, it is possible to rediscover the value of local products or regions. For instance, you can create a project that follows the entire process from creating contents of the process of creators or tourists rediscovering the local allures, setting up crowdfunding, prototyping and then commercialization.

Discovering unknown elements of services and fostering communities with NEWVIEW AWARDS 2018

We discover new ways to use products and service from end-users and creators, while attempting to drive awareness of new products and services. By incorporating an array of events during the entry period, you can use direct communication to drive awareness of your services while observing the community.