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The Three Types of Open Collaboration


Meet with First-Rate Creators.


Working with Creators to Tackle Social Issues.


Developing New Services and Functions in a Short Amount of Time.

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A Creator Network of
Over 30,000 People

Take advantage of the FabCafe network and its eleven locations around the world to find suitable creators and solutions for any project.

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Find New Partners
While Increasing Brand Recognition

Open collaboration encourages the formation of new partnerships by introducing users to creators, specialists, and noted judges. Furthermore, we strive to increase businesses’ brand recognition with continued dissemination of event information during collaborations.

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Specialized Team Support

Whether it’s creating a suitable project theme and designing creator incentives or overseeing judging and award ceremonies, our specialized teams are ready to assist you during every step of the process. From project planning and advertising to holding the actual event - we are with you all the way.

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Using AWRD, we received 219 submissions from seven countries. It was great to see such an enthusiastic response to the field of VR from artists around the world.

– Psychic VR Lab

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