How to AWRD

How to Use AWRD 

AWRD is a platform that connects creators and organizers through a variety of projects such as competitions and hackathons. MTRL is a service offered by Loftwork Inc., which has put together hundreds of collaborative projects since 2000, creativing initiatives and awards to showcase a diverse array of creative works to the world.

For Participants

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AWRD is for creators who:
・have a desire to compete on the global creative stage!
・want to increase the visibility of their works or have something to announce!
・are looking to connect with companies and judges!

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For Organizers

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AWRD is for organizers who:
・love discovering new talent and ideas.
・work in a field that values finding new potential in products and services.
・are a company or local government body aimed at boosting awareness of a local area or project.

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Our Creative Network

We support the AWRD platform from the bottom up by leveraging our global network of over 40,000 creators from Loftwork, FabCafe and other interconnected initiatives.

Based on the specific purpose of each project, we’ll gather and deploy members from our unique network to reach out to other targets in addition to our registered creators.

We recruit participants that demonstrate creativity and will introduce you to judges who fit your project.

*Professional PLAN only

Affiliated Entities

Loftwork Loftwork is a creative agency dedicated to the design of websites, communication, and spaces through open collaboration. Through its AWRD, FabCafe and MTRL communities, Loftwork creates new value. Visit the Website

FabCafe FabCafe is a café for creative makers and is equipped with a selection of digital fabrication tools. Our network of FabCafes spans over 10 cities in 7 countries throughout Europe and Asia, including Japan. Visit the Website

MTRL MTRL offers a whole range of resources to work with including sensors fitted with cutting-edge technology as well as materials such as metals, wood, and fabrics. MTRL is an open creative lounge which strives to provide inspiration through its lineup of materials. Visit the Website

BioClub This shared space welcomes anyone with an interest in science--including professionals such as researchers, creators, corporations, students and hobbyists. Visit the Website

Hidakuma Hidaluma is representative of a new project style where public and private entities partner together to build regional industries through manufacturing and forest regeneration. In addition to developing wood products that leverage the rich natural resources of Hida, this project also operates FabCafe Hida which serves as a digital fabrication hub complete with onsite accommodation for guests. Visit the Website

Soundbites from organizers, judges, award creators


Driving new business and the ability to expand one’s client base stem from the desire to support innovators. How do we contribute to the creation of new Japanese brands? This is the story of how ANA created an award to generate new business internally.

KIGI (Ryosuke Uehara / Yoshie Watanabe)|キギ(植原亮輔・渡邉良重)

KIGI runs an award program which recognizes outstanding products such as jewelry, art, and catering. These products are then made available at the team’s shop, which is called OUR FAVORITE SHOP. The award serves as a platform to discover new creative talent and promote product development through crowdfunding.


Takizawa is the Grand Prix winner of the logo design award for J-Startup; a program rolled out by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. After working in-house at a cosmetics company and a design agency, Takizawa entered Enageed Co., Ltd. where he is in charge of all fields of design including graphics, editorials, and sales promotions.