For ENTERPRISE, we provide customized services based on your needs.

Using AWRD is beneficial in many ways. Other than collecting ideas and giving out awards for projects, we also provide a stage for organizers, participants, judges to create new values together. Therefore, AWRD is always filled with new challenges. Loftwork, the company that runs AWRD, has 20 years of experiences in bringing results through open collaborations.

4 Reasons why you should use AWRD for your business

  • Creator community speeds up new business development

    Designer, illustrator, engineers, architects.... There are different types of creatives in our community who can bring new values to your business with their professions and unique perspectives.

  • Creative ideas and energies gathered from all over the world.

    Loftwork also operates "FabCafe" which has 10 locations in the world. FabCafe's global network provides you access to host events and connect you with great ideas.

  • Host the projects that deliever the best results

    As organizers and participants interacts at these media parties, seminars, workshops, mixers, awards, and exhibitions, more great ideas are likely to be generated.

  • For Branding and Promotion

    It is a great opportunity to connect with media and users for brand promotion during the process of running AWRD (call for entries, orientations, result announcements).


  • 1. Judge Selection and Assignment

    Support in assigning judges is available based on the budget and needs. Participants will be more motivated when there are renown judges on board. Also, having suitable judges will help participants to understand the creative directions of the project better. Lastly, it will also create opportunities to boost public relations.

  • 2. Contest and Hackathon Planning

    Design the most ideal type of AWRD based on your goals. We contribute in increasing the brand exposure of the project as we propose the tagline and slogan that convey the attractiveness of the entire project.

  • 3. Measures to reach global targets

    Power up your AWRD in conjunction with related businesses and services

  • 4. Various event planning such as kick off and award ceremony

    From press conference, workshops, mixers to award ceremony and exhibitions, we plan and manage offline events that connect communities.

  • 5. Public Relations & Media Support

  • 6. Recommendations of Applicants

  • 7. Create a video and report

  • 8. Production of a dedicated site

  • 9. File management system

  • 10. Competition administration and inquiries

Power up your AWRD in conjunction with related businesses and services

  • Logo - Loftwork


    Loftwork is a creative agency dedicated to the design of websites, communication, and spaces through open collaboration. Through its AWRD, FabCafe and MTRL communities, Loftwork creates new value.

  • Logo - FabCafe


    FabCafe is a café for creative makers and is equipped with a selection of digital fabrication tools. Our network of FabCafes spans over 10 cities in 7 countries throughout Europe and Asia, including Japan.

  • Logo - MTRL


    We handle a wide range of materials, from general types such as wood, metal and cloth to traditional craft ones, sensors and modules equipped with the latest technology. MTRL is a global platform that supports the co-creation of material manufacturers and creators and creates innovation.

  • Logo - BioClub


    This shared space welcomes anyone with an interest in science--including professionals such as researchers, creators, corporations, students and hobbyists.

  • Logo - Hidakuma


    Hidaluma is representative of a new project style where public and private entities partner together to build regional industries through manufacturing and forest regeneration. In addition to developing wood products that leverage the rich natural resources of Hida, this project also operates FabCafe Hida which serves as a digital fabrication hub complete with onsite accommodation for guests.

  • Logo - 100BANCH


    We gather unique ideas and energy from the young people with a mission of creating a diverse future for the next 100 years. 100BANCH is a space where we nurture 100 projects and young talents running them. Starting from Shibuya, we are creating the new future.



    「AWRD→CAMPFIRE」is a project where prototype becomes real products, events get executed, and different ideas come to life.


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