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STEP 1. It all starts with an idea.

First of all, you need to decide on the details of your award/hackathon plan, the size of your budget, what kind of prizes you’ll need to prepare, the title and image of your award, who will be the judges, and what will the overall schedule look like?
How will you recruit participants? What’s the ultimate goal? These are all things that you will need to discuss with your team!
If you are planning a hackathon, remember that in some cases, an award is not given at the end.

STEP 2. Start calling for participants!

Once the details are decided, you can make a web page and start recruiting participants! You will need to target an audience that is appropriate for the type of award you are planning.
Also, in order to share information on the type of entries you are looking for in a clear and simple manner, you could talk about the allures of your award on blogs and SNS platforms and include comments from the judges, etc.

STEP 3. Judging and announcing results

Once entries close, it’s time for the judging. Pool together comments from the judges and decide on the winning entries. Remember to include comments from the judges when announcing the results. Holding an awards event to announce the winners can create quite a climax. For hackathons, it’s good to announce the winners right at the end of the event.

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Model Schedule

The average execution period (including the preparation period) for an award/competition is about 3 to 4 months, and a hackathon is about 1 to 2 months. If you’re looking to promote your topic using the AWRD promotion service, we recommend that you extend the application period a little. It provides an opportunity to communicate with entrants during this period. A this time, you can foster trust among the community by communicating the organizers’ values and desires through events, lectures and support for the entrants.



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3 reasons to choose AWRD

1. Simple online platform

The AWRD platform can cater to a whole range of initiatives including global creative awards to one-day hackathons. It also allows for entrant recruiting and judging via smartphones which reduces troublesome secretarial tasks as well as costs.

2. Global network of creators

Through Loftwork and FabCafe, a global network of over 40,000 creators drives innovation.

3. On-goal and on-topic event plan

We invite judges to suit your topic and theme, communicate with creators, execute PR activities during the entry period, plan/design your events, etc.

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