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AWRD is an engine to accelerate business innovation.

"AWRD (Award)" is an online platform that bridge creators, startups, and companies together.  AWRD formerly known as "" which had managed 45,000 projects with 25,000 creators.  AWRD will be useful for collaborations with a variety of creators and companies in order to develop new business ideas, innovative service, marketing, and PR purposes.

We are "AWRD"

AWRD is aleading open competition platform. A powerful tool to bring together up-and-coming ideas by connecting businesses with the global creative community . 

3 reason to choose "AWRD" service

"AWRD" can organize  Awards / Challenges / Hackathons /Pitch event

1. Online platform

AWRD is an online platform that showcases a wide array of competitions, handling every aspect from planning and submissions to judging. 
The AWRD platform caters to a whole range of initiatives including global creative awards to one-day hackathons.

2. Global creative network

The Loftwork and FabCafe creative networks of over 40,000 creators from all over the world ensure that the innovative ideas that come out of the platform are nothing short of extraordinary.

3. Design the project with our team

What's more, our highly-experienced global teams from Loftwork and FabCafe can support international award initiatives which promise the type of innovation that corporations and governments are looking for.

Unexpected Ideas with Diverse Perspectives.

In order to stay innovative and to create competitive edge in the market, companies are looking for new ways to collaborate with talents beyond the conventional boundary of their own industries. In some cases, establishing and sustaining core user /creator communities have become an essential part of the business strategies. AWRD is as a platform to bridge the core user/creator communities and internal team in the company to create innovative solution which align the interests of users and company. 


■Recommended for you if you:
Want to host a one-off hackathon for free

■Service details
Sorry! This content is almost ready

0 JPY / 40 days
* Switches to Platform PLAN from day 41.

【The FREE PLAN will be rolled out around March 2019.】

■Recommended for:
Companies that wish to plan and roll out initiatives on their own.
Those who want to use an online platform for judging.

■Service Details
・Use of the entry and judging platforms
* During the monitor period, there is a limit to the number of projects that we can execute at one time, so we will respond to applications in the order that they were received.

Monitor Campaign Price: 150,000 / month
(Minimum 3 months)

■Recommended for:
Those who want to ask us to handle all of their award planning and execution needs.
Those who want to tap into our global creator network.

■Service Details
・Use of the entry / judging platforms.
・Full planning and execution services.
・Other ad-hoc services required.
Full support offered from the AWRD and Loftwork teams. Please let it to us!

Please ask for an estimate (The following act as a basic guide.)
Hackathon from 3 million yen
AWRD from 5 million yen

AWRD pack campaign

DIY Award Pack for those who can plan and manage your own awards. Please use as an online application / review / presentation tool for pitch events, awards, competitions, Hackathon, etc. AWRD will support management, overall planning advice and troublesome page registration.

AWRD ピッチパック 25万円

・プラットフォーム利用料 15万円x1ヶ月 15万円
・企画・編集アドバイス・入力代行料金(利用期間中のメールサポート) 10万円


AWRD コンペパック 110万円 en

・プラットフォーム利用料 15万円x3ヶ月 45万円
・企画・編集アドバイス・入力代行料金(利用期間中のメールサポート) 30万円


Here is a document for organize AWRD

Document about organize AWRD