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We are a media artist team with 2 members, a designer and an engineer.
Our art concepts are materializing what we don't usually see behind philosophy or truth, with the combination of science and technology.
We have chosen several topics for the main theme of our art work such as bilateral nature of time, bidirectional interaction between VR and the real, and so on.
Our research fields are eletronics, software, HCI, VR, and robotics for exploring bland-new mechanics or expressions to create our artworks.

Jul. 2020 Mercury's Boots, HCI International 2020 (online)
Apr. 2020 Möbiusschleife, VRIC 2020 (online)
Nov. 2019 Möbiusschleife, VRCAI '19 (Brisbane, Australia)
Sep. 2017 Eyes on a Car, AutomotiveUI '17 (Oldenburg, Germany)
Mar. 2017 Grassitifi, TEI '17 (Hiyoshi, Kanagawa)
Aug. 2014 Graffiti fur, SIGGRAPH 2014 Emerging Technologies (Vancouver, Canada)

Feb. 2019 Asia Digital Art Award 2018 (Fukuoka Asia Museum)
Nov. 2017 iii Exhibition 2017 "WYSIWYG?"(Hongo, the University of Tokyo)
Apr. 2014 Laval Virtual Revolution 2014 (Laval, France)
Nov. 2013 19th students CG contest (MIRROR in Kuramae)
Aug. 2013 Maker Faire Tokyo 2013 (Miraikan, Tokyo)

2019. Asia Digital Art Award 2018 Finalist' Award
2018. Aesthetica Art Prize 2018 finalist
2018. Arte Laguna Prize 2018 finalist
2014. RealSense App Challenge 2014 finalist
2014. Laval Virtual Revolution 2014 Accept
2013. 19th students CG contest Campus Genius Award SILVER



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