Global Goals Jam Sprint #4 Share it!

The Global Goals Jam (GGJ) engages makers and designers of all backgrounds around the world to contribute towards achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 through innovative design thinking. Using the Digital Society School’s Jamkit, local community members learn how to think big, start small and act fast!

募集終了 2019/08/15(木) - 2019/10/31(木)

1. About Photography | At a later date, FabCafe or Loftwork may publishes event reports on FabCafe Tokyo's website and/or Loftwork's website, mail magazine and/or SNS using images/contents uploaded to the AWRD website without the user's notification.

2. About Personal Information | Personal information (name and contact information) filled in will be used only by Loftwork and/or FabCafe Tokyo. Personal information may be used for internal analysis of results or for contact from us only. Loftwork/FabCafe Tokyo will not disclose any personal information or provide it to third parties.

3. Prohibited Matters | Any actions which infringe upon Japanese domestic laws are prohibited. Actions which incur physical or emotional harm to a third party, defame a third party, or infringe upon the rights of a third party are prohibited. All manner of actions which transgress upon public policy are prohibited.