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S.O.S-Solution Of School-urban plug-in!!

We take the epidemic as an opportunity to rethink the present condition of living and learning. This new spatial prototype for modern education would be different from the former one fixing the same group of students at the specific locations during their learning path.

“Solution Of School” is a new type system for education, which you can make orders through the Internet and be constructed by hand with neighbors. The urban learning spaces formed by Solution Of School can fit in various circumstances among cities. And with the quality of universal design, it can always be adapted to the characters of the streets and form the schools for kids.

In our "URBAN PLUG-IN!!" elementary school design, the main material used for the curved wall is a 4-meter-high translucent PP material, and a steel structure is used to build the frame. This material is not only chosen because it can interact with the base Natural dialogue, more interesting is that you can see the shadows of the children on the wall, so that parents can still feel the atmosphere in the classroom even if they are unable to participate in the class, and at the same time provide a more open park space in the city.

In our proposal, learning is not apart from daily life and school is not apart from the streets. Therefore, learning space will be evolved into the urban space for diversity and more possibilities.

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