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YourSHELF is a bicycle parking lot that keeps people have good manners with enjoyment of stopping their bicycle. Bicycle parking lot is full of various problems. But just saying "Do this!" does not mean anyone wants to have good manners. We thought that it would be best not to ban or suppress anything but to have good manners as a result of having enjoyed it, if we do that anyway. With this feeling, we hacked the bicycle parking lot and set up various interaction mechanisms.

We thought about how people enjoyed it and stop their bicycle correctly. We got the idea of ​​wanting to put comic books in order on the shelf and introduced the elements of the comic bookshelf into a bicycle parking lot. Screens are attached to the two sides of the outside and inside in the bicycle parking lot. The interior screen corresponds to the contents of the manga book, and on the screen an interaction that causes people who tries to stop their bicycle to stop it properly occurs. The outer screen corresponds to the outside of the comic bookshelf, and on the screen an interaction that causes people who passes the road to stop at the bicycle parking lot occurs. When user stops their bicycle properly, an effect like manga appears on the inside screen, and the story of the manga advances. At the same time, a manga back cover appears on the outside screen. "Characters" will go between adjacent covers, so the user is concerned with the part where the cover is missing. Then, the user wants to stop at some part of the interruption.

Rather than trying to improve manners by rules and ban we believe that it will make people who use things and use things to be better when they try to improve manners by enjoyment. Digital signal can combine various analog things in various ways. Therefore, when making such a product, the design using the digital one has a potentially big possibility.