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NoodleFeet is the functioning robotic manifestation of an illustrated character who is built from light metals, 3D printed parts, and found objects. "Noodle" has been developed with mechanical and electronic systems which allow him to exhibit behaviors when stimulated by objects in his environment. His purpose is to exist freely in the world while reacting to situational encounters with self defining methods of personal expression.

My goal in creating Noodle is to provide an example of a one-off entity that may provoke consideration about the reasoning that drives humanity’s current technological inventiveness. I hope that those who interact with Noodle will witness a meaningful sense of self from him that may encourage reflection in regard to the value of their own relation to the technology common in everyday life.

NoodleFeet is an ongoing project whose physical and programmed components are in a constant state of development. As such, the iterative process is equally important to the project as the robot in its current state. I would like those who view my documentation as I improve Noodle’s features, behaviors, and physical form, to think of him as growing or evolving the way a human or organism matures with age.