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I'm Watching You

Hello everyone!
Welcome to my page.

Recently, I've been joining an event called 'Global Goals Jam 2021', collaboration between FabCafe Bangkok, Thailand and FabCafe Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. In this event, we've been doing some design thinking about endangered animals such as tiger, dugong and turtle. We were discussing on how are we going to prevent those animals from being endangered as well as increasing their population. So, we've been shared our ideas and also did some prototyping.
As you can see, these picture represents my team prototype, which is CCTV look-like nature environment.

My team were discussing on how are we going to protect the tigers from being hunted by the hunters. Therefore, we came up with this ideas, which is the CCTV look-like nature environment. Let me explain on how it's worked.

Basically, the functions are the same with the CCTV that we can found everywhere. Not so different but our CCTV are created specially for uses in the forest and more advance. Our CCTV have RFID sensors including ultrasonic sensors. By using this technology, the camera is now capable to capture and detect the hunters easily in the forest. Besides that, all the data that have been captured will be send directly to the Law Enforcement .At the same time, it also can produce a soft woman laughing sound to scare the hunters away.

This CCTV can help the patrol team in the forest to detect any illegal activities including to detect the tiger's movement. Besides that, this CCTV also can gather information related to the hunters and report to the nearest authorities. With this device, it is easier for the patrol team to catch the hunters. Other than that, they can protect the tiger and the villagers that lived nearby from being harmed by the tiger.

So, how is it look like? Alright... Let me tell you.

Firstly, we will build up a big tree and put the panel solar on top of it. Therefore, it is easier for the panel solar to receive the sunlight and transform into energy. The panel solar are the main sources of energy for our CCTV as it is renewable energy and friendly to the nature. We will cover the panel solar with some leaves to make it look like a real tree so that the hunters won't notice that it is a CCTV's pole. Next, for our camera we decided to make the shape look like a fruit, flower, and something that related with the nature environment. In the picture, you can see some prototype that we made, so assumed that it's the CCTV that we were talking about. In addition, our camera can turn into 360 degree therefore it can capture the surroundings.

To sum up, our CCTV are specially for the patrol team in the forest. The shape were designed to look like a nature environment therefore the hunters won't notice them. Anyways, thank you for reading my page and I really appreciate it! If this ideas are going to be used, I'm really happy to hear it in the first place. Thank You! :)