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Garbage Racer

Taman Keramat AU2 Pangsapuri is one of the poorest urban areas in Kuala Lumpur. It has reached a milestone in combating criminal activities in their community through a self-initiated collaborative community farm. The collaborative community farm have positively impacted multiple neighborhood communities in initiating urban farming. Along with the new live-built Keramat Garden Open Library, this place has started to gain great attention from the public last year. It has then opened up new potentials into vegetational and ecological conservation, through education and spearheading sustainable local tourism, in order to ripple these impacts at the national level. However, the river remained tainted by surrounding industries (as the rest of the river in the city), the first challenge is, how can we reverse destructive development, restore and return locality and places for all (locals & natural habitat)? Secondly, how do we create a sustainable ecosystem that weaves between local lifestyles, urban farming towards healthy tourism?

This team came up with a solution to get the community and everyone around Taman Keramat neighbourhood to be involved in river cleaning through a festival like event called the Garbage Racer. Garbage Racer will get all participants to build their 'boat' using waste as materials and to race it down the river while collecting rubbish that is floating in the river.
This helps in raising awareness about river cleanliness and the festival and fun racing element is meant to hype up what would otherwise be a chore. Through a fun festival race, we can get more people interested in this river cleaning initiative.