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Future Is Now

Cities currently account for 2% of the global land area, but have more than 50% of the global population, use 75% of the world's energy, and produce 80% of carbon emissions. Therefore, how people living in cities live their daily life is the key to shaping the future. Future Is Now focuses on sustainable actions and ideas taking place in cities.

The theme of the event is SDGs 12 “Responsible Consumption and Production”, and aims at finding a way to decouple consumption from waste production. It’s expanded within 4 sub-events.

1.Living Lab (Venue):
We incorporated Circular Design in the design of our venue, turning Huashan Station, a place that has once been abandoned and started to be used as art & culture related events, into a place for everyone to experience and learn. We designed a set of key lights using bright enhancement layers, and reused wooden pallets along with comfortable recycled cushions as furniture. By using recycled materials and modular design, we created a circular venue.

2.Good Moments (Workshop & Events for public):
This series of events are targeted for the general public. We collaborated with 5 partners to hold 6 events that showcased how to practice a sustainable lifestyle. We led over 300 participants to think about actions that we could easily pick up and keep doing in our lives, and shared with them the concept of Circular Economy.

3.Now Salon (Panel & Events for Professionals):
Different from “Good Moments”, “Now Salon” is aimed for professionals. We encouraged them to start dialogues with people from different backgrounds, including but not limited to food, fashion, construction, material, packaging, electronic & electrical equipment and business industries. By sharing their insights and beliefs, participants could collide sparks and break through the echo chamber. In total, we held 17 cross-disciplines workshops and had over 150 people join us.

4.Special Events:
Through circular design, we can turn dining, gathering and listening to concerts into impactful activities. We worked with 10 partners to hold 5 sustainable parties, and invited more than 200 participants to experience the diversity of sustainable actions.

Organizers: REnato lab / Huashan Station / MisoSoupDesign / Arup
Partners: Reborn Festival / Pick Food Up / Urban Context Curation / KOOK Living / Impact Hub Taipei / Timberland / Taiwan Circular Economy Network / Textile Industry Research Institute Foundation / Business Models Inc / CircuPlus / ZENZ Organic Taiwan / Circulab / Alechemist Taiwan

Future Is Now- Now Salon

Future Is Now- Special Events

Future Is Now- Good Moments

Future Is Now- Living Lab