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The initial idea of this 360 degree book is "Expressing one scene of story in 3 dimensional way using a whole page of book".

There are two concepts which leaded me to this idea.
1.Designing system not only a shape
I am recognizing that I designed not a specified shape but a system of products. For example, extremely to say, the story is not necessary to be snow white. I designed a new platform of expressing story or 3 dimensional visual scene. Therefore, I am now applying several new stories to this book as a series.
Also, since this book is fabricated all by laser cutter from digital data, it is not difficult to make all the products customized.
2. Expressing dimensions in new way
I design my products, by 3d CAD which is used for architecture design. This time, I tried to find something new system to express dimensions in real life. The landscape such as ground and tree in 360 degree book is made as 3d object (like a cray model) in computer and I sliced them by rotating plane.
Finally, each sections are used as pages of the book. With this system, everyone who opens the book can enjoy it and is surprised by the dramatic transformation