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The ATOM - LED Light Fitting

CG / 建築 / 彫刻 / その他
LED Light Fitting submission to the Loftwork "New Lightbulb Design" Competition.

The Concept: The Atom is defined as "A basic unit of matter that consists of a dense central nucleus (The LED Bulb) surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons (the fitting)". I felt this was a fitting concept for my design as the LED light is basic, low wattage and in many respect the ultimate refinement of a light source. This refining evolution of the light bulb from Edison’s incandescent bulb to todays LED lights is truly a marvelous accomplishment. Like a star, a giant ball of gas, consuming so much – when it dies it shrinks to a tiny cold, yet bright burning light.

The Design: The light fitting has two unique uses - it can either be hung or it can work as a table light. The fitting design is perfectly symmetrical which makes the appearance of the light the same whether it is hung from the ceiling, used as a wall light or even put into a lamp. This means with one design, the possibilities of uses are endless.

The Materials: The light-fitting prototype will be constructed by 3D printing technology provided by Loftwork for the purpose of this competition. The Inner part of the fitting is constructed from Milky White Acrylic (to diffuse the light emitted from the LED light bulb E-17). This is incased in a Clear Acrylic shell, which gives the fitting a clear, smooth, glossy look, and makes the fitting appear to be floating when used on a table.

I hope you enjoy this design as much as I enjoyed creating it. It would be amazing to see it brought to live via 3D printing and I have just the right spot picked out for it in my office should it be successful.