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Giant Lonely Robot

'Giant Lonely Robot' is an project which makes people can see themselves through the robot's eyes and can touch themselves with the robot's hand in real-time. It makes participants can touch somebody in front of them and feel touch from behind at the same-time. It will be a very weird experience.
Everybody can feel lonely when they realise that their mind cannot be directly connected to other's mind. I wanted to express and comfort our inevitable loneliness in this work.
This project is an interaction with a giant inflatable robot and an audience who stands in front of the robot in same direction. The audience wear a VR headset. This VR headset displays real-time video which is shoot from the 360 degree camera on the robot’s head behind the audience. So the audience can see the world through the robot’s eyes and also can discover themselves who wear VR headset.
When they are connected, Robot’s hand and arm follows their gesture. Using HTC Vive’s position tracking and Leap motion’s hand gesture tracking, Audience can move the robot arm with moving their own arms. Because they can see through robot’s eye and can move their robot’s arm, they can feel like being in the robot's body.
Now they can touch the small guy who are in front of them. In fact, because the guy was themselves, they can touch the guy and feel touch from behind at the same time.
The design of this robot is inspired by 'Pneumatics robots’ from Otherlab. I wanted to make robot which has soft skin like human has. It doesn’t have rigid part at all and It is controlled by the air pressure.