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Breathing Pinecone

Breathing Pinecone is an ongoing project, that try to create a kind of self-actuate organic structural system applied within our living space. Even the emerging technology brings incredible abilities for making system as life machine. According to the limitations in physical world of gravity, electronic and geometry, the artificial things always hard to do much physic adaptation as living system.

Therefore, the the ambition of Breathing Pinecone project is to build an approach to mimic living system on kineticism. It metaphor the human body mechanism from blood, muscle, and skeletons, instead of compressed air, pneumatic cylinder, and foldable structure. Demonstrating new life form with kinetic aesthetic in an artificial way.

It constituted of thousands of tiny self-foldable units, detects the presence surrounded, and reacts in harmony with the breathing rhythm of the pores in display of visual patterns and atmosphere, as well as bringing in the imagination that furniture in the future representations of life and the surroundings that we live in..