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The Cell Music Gear

 「CMG: The Cell MUSIC GEAR」は、楽器デザイナー中西宣人とセンサ開発ベンチャーのタッチエンス株式会社が共同開発した、柔らかい3Dタッチパッドを搭載したMIDIコントローラである。

CMG:The Cell Music Gear is the music tool co-developed by Instrument designer Nakanishi & sensor company Touchence. CMG is the music gear with soft 3D touch pad.
CMG has the soft tactile sensor “ShokacPot™” inside at 4X4 grid. Because of these sensors, 3D touch pad which can detect pressure information on top of 2D surface touch information just like touch panel, is realized.
You can not only express pitch, loudness, timbre, etc. by 3D controlling but also enjoy various style of performance such as guitar, effector of synthesizer, DJ controller, etc.
You can play music by various actions such as tracing, pushing, tapping by fingers, pushing by palm, etc. There is no dead-zone in entire pad even the gap between 16 sensors so that you can play it using all surface of pad. CMG equips 4 basic modes.
CMG is designed under the concept “define your own style” . We recommend users to customize CMG by programing and hacking.