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tsu tsu mu

I drew from my Japanese culture heritage in my jewellery design.
My aim for this collection was to create works which can age naturally and express the traditional Japanese aesthetic, wabi-sabi. Traditionally Japanese people respect objects and personal belongings however, this has often been forgotten in the contemporary world. This ancient tradition sees old and used objects and values the character and detail that develops.

Leather has been used to create my works to express Japanese aesthetic. The leather has been dyed indigo and has tactile details which is cut by laser cutting. The colour `Japanese-blue’ becomes altered as it ages developing character, texture and detail. The aging of the jewellery reflects the use and interaction of the wearer making it in keeping with wabi-sabi philosophy or imperfect hence making it more valuable.

Some of my works are transformable, similar to the Japanese method of Furoshiki. Furoshiki is a Japanese traditional wrapping cloth which is for various types of use in Japanese life, such as wrapping, as a mat, and as a towel. In a similar way, my jewellery is versatile and flexible in its individual shape.