• 2016

Taisugar Circular Village

TaiSugar Circular Village (TCV) is located within the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City, Tainan. This residential project is the first of its kind in Taiwan, focusing on circular economy concept in the built environment. Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) has taken a bold initiative to experiment with this new economic model. This project is aptly placed within the masterplan that was initiated by the government in 2016 with the vision to build a smart ecosystem city that co-develops with nature, as well as to build up “people-oriented” community and the necessary green life system. In response to the advent of a sustainable economy and the policy goals of nuclear-free homeland in Taiwan, the government has listed the circular economy as an important issue of its “Five plus two innovative industries policy”. Government thus makes efforts to boost the potential of circularity in the resource limited island so as to bolster the nation’s energy security, to create a green economy and to promote environmental sustainability.

The site is 10 minutes away from Tainan High Speed Rail station with the site area of 13,994.07 square meters. This development consists three identical housing blocks, a circular demo house (C-House) and an eco-house (E-house). There are a total of 429 rental units of mainly studio apartments with a small numbers of one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments.
The “Circular Village” is made up of the three “Circular Blocks” where the living quarters is located, “Circular Field” where it consists of a “C-House”, an “E-House” and a “C-Farm”. The C-House functions as the living room of the village, the E-House as the kitchen while the C-Farm is the garden where food is produced. In this project, we have categorized the idea of circularity in a few aspects which include Circular Concept, Circular Management, Circular Resources, Circular Living and Circular Policy to helps us positively explore new possibilities and solutions in the circular architecture.

Aerial render view of the Taisugar Circular Village

Schematic diagram of the variety of 'circularity" within the "village"

Aerial view during end of construction phase

Main entrance render view

Material passport


Construction layers

interior rental services and modular design

Demo House during end of construction

Interior courtyard during end of construction