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Disrupting the solar industry with a fair and circular solar panel

Photovoltaics is the energy source of the future, but also creates a massive waste stream. Biosphere Solar is a global collective developing a fair and circular solar panel. This way, we aim to set a new design standard for the solar industry, making circularity the norm. We are developing a modular PV module design, which can be disassembled for repair or refurbishment, can be upgraded with new technology, and can be recycled at high value at its end-of-life.

Collaborating with innovative testing grounds to measure panel performance, using a home-built, concrete-free and metal-free underconstruction.

Getting next generations acquianted with next generation technology

A fair, circular solar panel with outstanding ubiquity

Who makes their own solar panels? Biosphere Solar strives to open these black boxes we call solar panels