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MYCL Composite Project

Composite material development utilizing local agriculture waste bonded by mushroom mycelium which acts as natural adhesive.

The application could be various from small decorative items to structural pavilion. We want to collaborate with local industry to create a mushroom pavilion which has a local context, grown locally with the local community, and using their local agricultural waste.

Mycotree is one of memorable project using composite by MYCL in 2017 at Korea. Mycotree is made of load-bearing mycelium and bamboos with a spatial branching structure.

Shrüm is a truncated tetrahedral object that can be used as a humble stool. The modularity makes it applicable to a wide variety of furniture and spatial arrangement. It comes in warm natural beige colour with irregular wood chips texture. The “modular but organic” appearance comes from weight-to-strength and geometry optimization. An eco conscious stool for your sustainable future.