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Al Laymoun: Shortened Character-set for Flick-input

The Allaymoun project is a pioneering Arabic typography based assistive communication tool designed to revolutionise Arabic text-entry and learning the language. It uses text-entry and NLP development to create fast and more intuitive ways of writing digitally for Arabic speakers in the diaspora and those with limited literacy in the SWANA region.

Allaymoun embodies “Bricolage” by expertly turning the complicated nature of Arabic calligraphy to its advantage through manipulation of the anatomy of letters using tracing paper experiments. This allowed for a visually-led approach which made this accessible and user-friendly to individuals lacking a deep understanding of Arabic language rules.

Drawing inspiration from the famed flick-input used for Japanese text-entry, Allaymoun applies similar logic to enhance the experience of inputting text; this creates a feeling comparable to handwriting.

The problem Allaymoun solves is framing itself as an alternative to the QWERTY Arabic keyboard. 371.4 million Arabic speakers globally, grapple with a sole digital communication tool—the QWERTY Arabic keyboard. This standard, utilised across devices, contributes to challenges in accurate online communication, leading to a proliferation of errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. These shortcomings have far-reaching consequences, impacting the language development of children and fostering poor writing habits in adults.

What sets Allaymoun apart is it’s inclusivity by comprehensively addressing the language's nuances and specificities such as a large character-set, two layers of abstraction when writing and personalised spelling and formal Arabic “tashkeel” assistance, thus bridging the gap for these marginalised groups in this digital era.