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Marugame Uchiwa Fan with Mons

美術 / グラフィック / イラスト / その他
In my work I tried to keep the national spirit of Japan, but give it more up-to-date and modern look. My goal was to attract attention of young people because of unusual and interesting design of traditional thing. Besides, I wanted to tell for some europeans about unique beauty of mons symbols and inspire them to study and research Jananese culture and history of Art.
Project consist of two fans and gift box for them. I used only natural materials.
The concept is based on idea of Mons – ancient Japanese symbols. Mons are Japanese emblems used to decorate and identify an individual or family. I choosed two of them and in accordance with their style I`ve created a geometric patterns. I made two fans with different Mons, but plan to continue serie. The combination of black and white drawing, wood and bamboo looks strong, simple and elegant.