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miNiATURE - Andy Sturgeon Full Circle

This on of the gardens designed by Andy Sturgeon from the miNiATURE exhibition in London. Featuring in full scale right now at the Singapore Flower Show!

Design Brief - full circle?
For several decades now environment, global warming and sustainability have rapidly climbed the agenda and no-one can ignore their significance. Yet we are simultaneously bombarded with conflicting messages as entire countries have downscaled commitments to green policies while others have walked away from the Kyoto Protocol. Deforestation appears to continue unabated and the emissions from developing countries seem to spiral out of control. But thankfully as we hurtle through this decade one clear message is emerging from the fog: Plants are central to our lives and our future on this planet. The plight of bees, global food security, medicine, climate and our general well being undeniably rely on plant life.

This is a garden of crystalline forms, blackened and ravaged on the outside from the harm man has caused to the environment yet inside they are protected, perfect and gilded to show the high regard in which we should hold our plant life and treasure it.
Indigenous populations have relied on plants and recognized their worth for millennia. Modern societies had lost touch but now we are relearning that plants are key to our existence. Is the tide turning? Have we finally come full circle?