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Penta KLabs (sites spesific art project biennale- Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia)

Penta KLabs or “5K” is a meeting between you/we/us- class- campus- community/village- city. This Sites specific art project Biennale used a specific place to implement the program with special issues. The first year in 2016, the event was held in Kemijen, East Semarang, with a focus on the issue of village resilience. Hysteria conducts ethnographic research and uses this data to be responded by invited artists. The artists will live and undergo residency for several days or weeks and create work with the citizens at the site. Cooperating PWK (Prodi Perencanaan Wilayah Perkotaan = Urban Area Planning Study Program), we received paper with related issues that being raised and presented in the village. That template is what we developed in several other villages with different types of issues. Of course, not all of them are fulfilled but more or less the same approach. It can be seen in other project, for example Nginguk Githok (Rembang), as well as the Festival Bukit Jatiwayang (Semarang).

Penta KLabs II (2018): Sedulur Banyu (1)

Penta KLabs I (2016): Narasi Kemijen (1)

Penta KLabs II (2018): Sedulur Banyu (2)

Penta KLabs I (2016): Narasi Kemijen (2)