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Imagination Machine 2.0

Imagination Machine 2.0 aims to remind you of the uniqueness of you and every single moment you experience. While listening to music by electronic musician Elin Piel your brainwave data is captured by a MindWave EEG headset and translated into water painting drops on a canvas. Each painting will only ever be created once because of you and how you experience that specific moment.

The algorithms were developed through arbitrary choices. Therefor there is no scientifically correct analysis you can make out of the result. This way I have taken away a possible cause of judgement and comparison. What is left instead is the opportunity to accept and hopefully appreciate that whatever the reason for the placement of the drops it was only possible because of you.

Imagination Machine 2.0 was funded through Region Skåne’s arts grant for digital development, for ETER festival organized by Little Finger in Lund, Sweden 2018.