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Oceanic Scales

“Oceanic Scales” was developed by Gene A. Felice II & Jennifer Parker
with a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and support from the OpenLab Research Center at UCSC and the Coaction Lab at the University of Maine.

Oceanic Scales is a place to learn and collaborate.

It is a lens focused on phytoplankton, the first link in the oceanic food chain.

It explores biomimicry as a root of inspiration.

It breathes and glows with a pulse.

It is a barometer of local ocean health and stability.

It explores the tipping point between humanities desires and the oceans needs.

It illustrates the role of phytoplankton as an essential, interconnected part of our planetary ecosystem.

It allures with the promise of new understanding and empathy.

Visitors to Oceanic Scales will explore their role in maintaining a stable ocean ecology through a multi-sensory, interactive art and science puzzle inspired by the microorganisms of the sea. The hope is to encourage change toward sustainable living practices by engaging the public to reflect on and perhaps better understand how humans impact the environment at local and global scales. Light, scent, sound and touch inspire new ways of thinking about ocean health.