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Common Thinking :
Recently, a lot of people are concern about the waste they are producing as they need to wear the mask daily and dump into the trash each time when they step outside of their home.

When picking up the mask:
They start to put the one-off mask as the filter into the re-washable mask, so that they can re-use the “one-off mask” for several times if the only spend short period of time outside of their home during the day and re-use it the next day to maximise the usage of one-off mask.

While wearing the mask:
When they put down their mask while eating or before the next outdoor activities, they would usually cover the mask with a paper-tower, in an envelope or paper bag to prevent any further contamination.

Another common habit I see in people these days, they would adjust their mask position by touching their masks surface area since the mask do not fit well. (Especially for elderly, which is an inhabited gesture)

After wearing the mask:
When they took off the one-off mask, they would use paper-towel to wrap it and tossed into the garbage bin. Or they would wash the re-washable mask daily.

Therefore, “ Masking-Safe” is focused in adjusting the hygiene level, awareness and flexibility in sizes.

Masking Safe- Feature 1

Masking Safe- Feature 2

Masking Safe- Feature 3

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