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Prevent h2o

由於肺炎疫情嚴重爆發,導致市面上口罩價錢突然上升,令到公眾難以購買口罩,更何況是長者呢? 雖然市面上有時會出現口罩售價比較低的時候,但是很快 就會被市民們搶購一空。 故此長者難以購買口罩,導致他們有口罩不足的情況。這樣重用口罩的機率便會增加 。長者原本就是高風險人士,加上重用口罩後風險便會增加。長者出外時間較短,所以我們製作一個口罩套來延長 口罩的壽命,確保長者在口罩短缺的情況下亦能安全使用口罩。
since Corona Virus happened seriously , therefore the price of masks is increasing . Although some place will sell the mask in a lower price , people will buy all of them within 1 minute. Then , the elderly people cannot afford the expensive price and don't have energy to find the cheaper mask . So that they will use the mask again and again. This will increase their chances suffering by Corona Virus . Elderly people only go out for a short time . So we made a mask cover for them to continue the life of the mask in a “mask lossing time “.