YouFab Global Creative Awards 2015

A global creative award to push the boundaries of digital fabrication

Closed WED, JUL 01, 2015 - WED, SEP 30, 2015

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the YouFab Global Creative Awards 2015, which is a global award that recognizes excellence in the field of digital fabrication.

During the period July 1 to September 30, 2015, a total of 152 entries were submitted in the four categories of Art, Products, Machines, and Beyond, from 26 countries around the world and from these the Grand Prize, the First Prize and 23 finalists were selected.

Here, we are introducing the Grand prize,the First Prize. You can see all of the winners as well as the judges’ comments on the links provided below.

The winning works will be displayed at FabCafe Tokyo (Shibuya, Tokyo) from January 23rd to February 8th. (A few works are excluded.) Also, the awards ceremony and opening reception for the exhibition will be held on January 22nd at FabCafe Tokyo in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Grand Prize| Kinematics Dress


Category : PRODUCTS By nervous system(United States)

Composed of thousands of unique interlocking components, each dress is 3D printed as a single folded piece and requires no assembly. The Kinematics Dress represents a new approach to manufacturing which tightly integrates design, simulation, and digital fabrication to create complex, customized products.

First Prize Making Gestures:

A personal Design and Fabrication system


Category: MACHINES By Diego Pinochet (Chile)

‘Making Gestures: a personal fabrication and deign system’ is proposed to explore real-time interaction between mind, body, and tools by using body gestures and imbuing fabrication machines with artificial intelligence. It’s A 5-axis CNC machine developed and programmed using machine learning algorithms, in order to learn and adapt to the uniqueness of the user. ‘Making Gestures’ is a cybernetic system that allows to design and make in real time, adapting ‘as you go’.


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