Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Basic Policy

AWRD (the “Website”) is a website operated by loftwork Inc. (“loftwork”). We handle personal information provided to us upon your access to the Website with extreme caution in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act and loftwork’s internal rules and regulations to protect personal information.

Scope of Application

Personal information (any information regarding a living individual, which can identify the specific individual by name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, occupation, date of birth, or any other descriptions, etc. contained in such information) that loftwork obtains shall be handled in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy shall apply to the Website. It shall not apply to any sites linked from the Website or to the user’s site.

Management of Personal Information

We obtain personal information of an applicant when he/she registers as a creator on the Website. When an applicant of each award or hackathon event, etc. enters his/her personal information in an application form of each event, such information will also be shared with loftwork. Such personal information is used solely for the purpose of providing services on the Website, and unless permitted or required by law or reasonably anticipated upon using the Website, such information shall not be disclosed to any third party. Such personal information shall be used to contact users of the Website, to place orders for production such as design work or manuscripts, to generate statistics to analyze user’s situations and to improve the services. A user of the services may voluntarily publicize a portion of his/her personal information at his/her own responsibility and this Privacy Policy shall not apply to such information which is made public.

Request of Disclosure of Personal Information

By request from the individual him/herself, personal information retained by the Website will be disclosed in accordance with the following procedures. 


If a user loses his/her password, please click “Did you forget your password?” on the log-in screen, and send the e-mail address that the user registered with the Website, in accordance with the prescribed form. Then we will send an e-mail to the registered e-mail address. Please click the URL provided in such e-mail to set a new password.

Personal Information other than the Password:

Please log-in and confirm your account information. If you wish to confirm your personal information by another method, please make an e-mail request to do so to the e-mail address below.

We reserve the right to disclose the user’s information under the following circumstances.

1.    When disclosure is required by court, prosecutors’ office, police, bar association or other similar institution;

2.    When disclosure is required by other laws and regulations;

3.    When disclosure is necessary for the protection of the property, right, life, body or business, etc. of loftwork, the user or a third party, or to protect public interest, and when it is difficult to obtain consent from the user him/herself;

4.    When loftwork must cooperate with government agencies, local public authorities or their designees in executing their operations prescribed by law, and when obtaining consent from the user him/herself would prevent their performance of such operations;

5.    When disclosure is particularly necessary to improve public sanitation or to promote the sound growth of children and when it is difficult to obtain consent from the user him/herself.

Access Log

We record an access log for the Website. The items to be recorded are the time of access, host name, address, reference (the page from which the link was made) and agent (type of browser, version, etc.). These records are used to collect information in the event of server disruptions and to provide support on the Website, and they are also used to obtain statistical data to improve services. They are not intended to identify any individual. Furthermore, unless otherwise permitted or required by law, these records shall not be disclosed to a third party.


We issue Cookies on the Website. Cookies will allow users to save information selected by the user on the Website making the Website more convenient.


Security for Communication

On the Website, we provide security for communication with cryptographic protocols by SSL on pages that handle personal information of users (new registrations, control panel).

For Inquiries and Complaints:

loftwork Inc. Site Manager


Change of Privacy Policy

loftwork may amend this Privacy Policy whenever loftwork deems this to be necessary.