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1.What will happen to the copyright of my entry?

The copyright is stipulated in the entry agreement for each project. By submitting your work, you will be deemed to have agreed to the terms, therefore please read the terms carefully.

2.Can teams apply?

Account registration can only be done on an individual basis, but please feel free to work with a team. Depending on the project, there are also projects in which teams can be created with multiple personal accounts.

*Rules differ depending on each project. Please be sure to read the application guidelines.

3.How can I ask the organizer a question?

When you press the inquiry button on the corresponding project page, it will transition to the chat screen. Click on “Message” to contact the organizer.

4.What time is the application deadline?

The application form for AWRD will close at 11:59:59pm (Japan Standard Time) on the deadline. Please note that the deadline is subject to change during the application period. Details differ for each project therefore please contact the organizer directly.

5.What should I do if I want to change or delete an entry that has been submitted?

All entries can be edited and deleted from “Works” on My Page. However, some projects cannot be edited after the review date. In case of any urgent matters, please contact the organizer directly.

6.What happens if an award I have participated in ends suddenly?

If a project disappears or is terminated during the stated process with or without notice, please contact the organizer of the project. Please understand that the AWRD platform will not be able to respond to such issues.