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1.Is there a fee incurred for AWRD membership registration?

No. AWRD can be used free of charge from account registration to portfolio creation and project organization. *Participation fees may be charged depending on the project.

*If you use "My AWRD editor", you will be charged based on the plan.

Click here for a detailed pricing plan →

2.How can I register?

Click on the double line mark on the right side of AWRD’s homepage, and you will be able to access the account creation screen from the "Sign up" button. Otherwise, please register from the following URL.

Enter your email address and password to create an account. Otherwise, you can create an account by linking your social media account (Twitter/Facebook).

3.How can I cancel my membership?

After logging in with the account you wish to unsubscribe from, enter your email address and the reason for unsubscribing in the “Delete account” portion from the account settings on “My page” and press the send button.

4.How can I change my registration information (address, email address, etc.)?

After logging in with the account you would like to change, you can change your email address, location, and profile settings from “Edit profile” on “My page”.

5.What if I forget my password?

If you cannot log in after entering your password or if you have forgotten your password, reset your password on the password reset page and log in again with your new password.

6. How can I delete my user data?

6-1. Deleting data such as images uploaded by yourself

Go to "My Page" > "Works".
click the "Manage" menu in the upper right corner of the image you want to delete, and then click "Delete" to delete it.

6-2. Deleting Information Related to Your Account

Go to My Page > Account Settings.
Enter the email address for "Delete Account" and the reason for withdrawal, and then send it to us.