AWRD Help center

Basic Operation ・ Explanation of Functions


1.My AWRD editor

Easily document and manage projects using My AWRD editor.

After signing up with AWRD, seamlessly create main pages, manage submitted entries, judge, and announce the results.

Create a new project, make it available to the public

After logging in, register a new project, and make it available to the public.

2.First screen


A: Log In/Log Out Button

B: Click on the username to display the "My AWRD Home" button. All projects can be managed from here.

3.About the editing screen

Understanding this screen


A: This is the button to save the edited content.

B: You can confirm the homepage view (the screen which general users will view).

C: This is to set the page as a draft or public.

D: You can perform Japanese-English translation of the edited content.

E: You can switch between the editing screen of the Japanese page and English page.


?: TIPS about how the screen that is seen by the general user are listed.

*: This is a required item.

PRO: This is content only available to PRO Plan users.


Organizer: This is the person sponsoring the event. This individual has the sole privilege to perform actions such as change plans or delete projects.

Operation Member: This person is a manager of the project. They are able to edit the details of the project. It is possible to add up to 20 people to this role.

Judge: This is a judge of the project. If judging is to ONLINE Review, a judge's invitation will be necessary. It is not necessary for the judge to maintain their own AWRD account.

5.Functions of My AWRD editor

Basic menu functions


Basic menu functions the menu on the left hand side is comprised mainly of the below functions.

・My AWRD Settings: Various project settings can be modified and projects can be managed.

・Edit pages: Pages can be created and edited.

・Blog: Blog entries can be written.

・Check Entries: Exchange messages with participating users and confirm entries.

・Operation Members: Change settings for operation members and judges, send invitations.

6.About Image Uploading

Logos, main images, judges' profile images and others can be uploaded to each location. Recommended image formats are JPEG, PNG, and GIF up to 5MB in size.

7.How to use the Dashboard

About Dashboard

The dashboard is the top page where all projects will originate. You can confirm the necessary input items to make a project public and view TIPS.

Accessing the Page

How to access the page: select "My AWRD Home" from the My AWRD list

Explanation of Functions


Using the dashboard, you can confirm the progress of each project and confirm settings.

A. Title In addition the project title, you can confirm the number of followers, number of applicants, and number of operation members.

B. Project Progress You can check the progress status and TIPS for your project.


C: Page Edit In addition to the project URL and QR code, you can also check the preview of the page being created. You can transition to basic information and online judging setting screen from here.


D: Entry Settings You can confirm the length of recruitment for the project, entry form, entry rules, FAQ, and other settings.

E. Check the Entries You can view project entries, do Pre Selection, and download data (PRO only).


F. ONLINE Review You can check review period, number of judges and applied works.

G. Announce Results You can confirm the publishing status of the results page, as well as transition to the editing screen.