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What is My AWRD editor? For the organizers

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1.What can you do on My AWRD editor?

When using “My AWRD editor”, anyone can host an open-call projects online. Simply fill in the necessary details, clarify the to-do list, and it will be a low-cost and smooth management experience.

Introduction of useful functions

・Create an application summary page

・ONLINE Review function

・Automatic generation of a list of submissions

・Online storage of submission data

・General voting function

・Send and receive messages with applicants and followers

・Japanese-English page

・Customization of entry form and entry agreement etc., (PRO Plan only)

2.What paid plans do you have?

There is a FREE Plan (free of charge) that allows you to try the functions with a maximum application period of three days, and a PRO Plan (US$1,400/month) that allows you to freely customize the application form and terms without any restrictions on the application period. In addition, various solution services are available for each region.

Click here for a detailed pricing plan →

3.What is the difference between the FREE Plan and the PRO Plan?

There are differences to the application period, the number of available ONLINE Reviews, and whether or not you have the permission to customize application form and terms. Please refer to the following URL for details.

4.Can I create an enterprise plan midway?

Yes. Please contact us directly with the user name, email address and project name via the inquiry form.

5.Please teach me how to cancel.

From the “Cancel Plan” page of “Manage Your Plan” in “Administration ” in My AWRD editor, follow the procedures to complete the cancellation. *Payment is made in advance at the time of application. My AWRD editor is available from the time of cancellation until the end of the initial month. There will not be a prorated refund.

・Settlement at the time of contract: the prorated charge from the contract date to the end of the month has to be paid immediately.

・Settlement at the end of the contract: the billing for the usage fee for the following month will be made in advance.