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1.What is an Main Page?

This page summarizes the awards and projects that you want to organize. Fill out the necessary details and begin the project.

2.Can I change the entry period?

You can change the start date and deadline as many times as you like until the set start date of the application. After the set start date of the application, the deadline can be changed but the start date cannot be changed. In addition, the deadline cannot be changed after the deadline. (The change in date will be done according to Japan time.) For the FREE plan, please note that the longest application period is up to three days.

3.Is it possible to edit and operate with multiple members?

Yes. In My AWRD editor, under the "Organizer" and "Operation Members", it is possible to login and edit. There can only be one organizer, but up to 20 members can be registered.

4.Can the entry form be edited?

Under the PRO Plan, anyone can freely edit and set the entry form. Under the FREE Plan, it is possible to utilize the default entry form.

5.Can the number of pages be increased?

Under the PRO Plan, it is possible to increase the number of pages to three pages per project page from the “Free template” under “Edit Pages” of My AWRD editor. Under the FREE Plan, the number of pages cannot be increased.

6.How should I end a project that has exceeded the invitation period?

Projects will not be submitted automatically when the application period has passed. If there are event reports or award-winning works, we recommend creating a page for the announcement of results. If it is necessary to keep the page private, use the “Draft/Public” button at the bottom of the “Main page”. The collected application data and applicant information will be stored until cancellation. As such, you can access it anytime. Data for a maximum of 10 projects can be retained per PRO plan so delete or upgrade the project as necessary.

7.How should I announce the results?

Once the winners are determined, obtain comments from the winners and the judges. Enter the information in the “Results page” of My AWRD editor and you can easily complete the page.

8.How should I contact applicants?

You can contact applicants using the “Message” feature in My AWRD editor.

9.Can a project be privatized once it has been published?

Yes. You can change the privacy settings using the “Draft/Public” switch button at the bottom of the “Invitation page” in My AWRD editor.

*As long as you do not “Delete” the project, the data will be retained so you can access the application data etc., even while you are editing the page or while it is private.

10.Can the application data be downloaded?

You can download application data from the “Download Application Data(CSV) of Project” page on the “Administration ” page of My AWRD editor only during the contract period of the PRO Plan.

11.Can an inappropriate image be deleted?

Yes. It is possible to suspend a piece of work from “Wroks” in My AWRD editor. We encourage you to contact the applicant to resubmit their work.

12.Can a closed project be created for the parties involved?

Yes. The project can be set as private from “Display in AWRD” on the “Basic Information ” page of My AWRD editor. If you make it private, it will not appear on the AWRD website. However, you may access it directly by clicking the URL.

13.Can the page for the list of entries be privatized?

Yes. You can change the privacy settings of the list from “Entry Page Status” on the “Basic Information” page of My AWRD editor. Please check here for the privacy status of each work.

Click here for more usage details →<マニュアルのURL>

14.What are the entry agreement for application?

My AWRD editor has the following three rules for application.

・Template1 Hackathon&Pitch

・Template2 General Award

・Template3 Business Alliance *Only “Template 1” can be utilized under the FREE Plan.

15.What works can be invited for submission?

Primarily, images (recommended JPEG, PNG, GIF format, recommended file limit of up to 20MB) can be invited for submission. You can freely create a entry form under the PRO Plan.