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1.I would like to apply/what is an Entry

Anyone can apply for a project during the application period. Please proceed to the entry form from the “Entry” button on each project page. (Please check the rules carefully as there may be restrictions on eligibility depending on the project.)

2.I would like to vote/what is a VOTE?

A portion of projects will have the “Vote” button set. All AWRD registrants are able to participate; therefore, please feel free to “Vote” if there are any entries you like.

3.I would like to receive information/what is Follow?

Should you follow the project you are interested in, the latest information on the project will be sent from each organizer to the registered email address of AWRD.

4.I would like to organize/what is My AWRD editor?

“My AWRD editor” is an online platform that allows anyone to host and operate open-call projects from scratch. It is a versatile system that can be used in various ways from one-day events to long-term competitions.

For details → <ダウンロードコンテンツへ>

5.I want to register my work/what is Works?

This portfolio page can be created by anyone who has registered an account with AWRD. Try uploading your work from "Upload" on My Page. Uploaded works can be viewed from "Works".

*Please make sure to upload your own copyrighted work.

6.I want to participate in an event

AWRD provides the latest awards and event information via email newsletters and social media (Twitter/Facebook). Please follow and register to check the information.

AWRD Twitter→

AWRD Facebook→

7.I would like to contact the organizer

You can contact the organizer of an ongoing AWRD by sending a direct message. You can send a message from the inquiry button on the project page of the organizer you would like to contact.