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1.Are all the pages bilingual?

Two languages are supported: Japanese and English.

By clicking on the language switch button, you can switch easily between Japanese and English.

*Please note that each organizer may or may not have a bilingual page depending on the award or project.

2.How can we be published on AWRD's email newsletter?

Please note that the editorial department will select the articles published on AWRD’s email newsletter at their discretion.

3.How can I conduct an award ceremony or a briefing at FabCafe?

Case studies and contact information are introduced on FabCafe’s website. Please refer to this page.

4.I can't obtain good submissions. What should I do?

Do actively publicize through social media and word of mouth. Another method is to directly contact creators whom you would like to invite to participate.

*The ENTERPRISE plan also carries out announcements and information to creators.

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5.Is it possible to introduce registered creators?

A separate fee will be charged upon request. Please feel free to contact us first.

6.How can I organize a successful award/hackathon etc.,?

There are various tips for organizing an AWRD. If you are on an ENTERPRISE plan, support will be provided for planning and management. We will provide the most ideal AWRD to suit your needs.

Loftwork (the managing company of AWRD) has past management experience of the various open innovation operations and will design the most optimum project according to your needs to derive results. We will support you by leveraging that know-how.

7.How can my award be on “Feature”?

Please note that the editorial department will select awards to be published on Feature at their discretion.

8.How can I host an award or a hackathon etc.,?

With AWRD's “My AWRD editor”, you can use all functions under a one-stop service which allows for a low-cost operation. From a one-day event to a long-term competition, we will support the operations of the AWRD to meet your needs.