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Pricing plans for My AWRD editor

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1.Please tell me about the fee structure.

From a FREE Plan that you can try free of charge to a subscription-type PRO Plan that allows you to freely edit various content, the ENTERPRISE Plan that provides support from project planning to the assigning of judges and management work etc., pricing plans are available according to your needs. Click here for details of pricing plans →

2.What is included in the usage fee?

What you are able do depends on the plan. For details, please check the pricing plans at the following URL.

3.When will the usage fee be charged?

For My AWRD editor subscriptions, a monthly usage fee will be charged in advance every month end from the month of the contract. For payments apart from usage fees, the billing month will be in accordance with the individual contract details.

4.Can I cancel my subscription midway?

To cancel your My AWRD editor subscription (PRO Plan, etc.,), follow the procedure from the “Cancel Plan” page of “Manage Your Plan” from “Administration ” in My AWRD editor. *Deduction of payment fees is done in advance. If you cancel your contract after making a prepayment, you can use My AWRD editor for the one month of payment, but please understand that we will not be able to refund it. Other plans (such as the ENTERPRISE Plan) vary depending on the individual contract details

5.About payment methods

Payment for My AWRD editor subscription contract (PRO Plan etc.) is via credit card payment only. To change your credit card, go to “Change Credit Card Information” under “Administration ” in My AWRD editor. Other payments (such as the ENTERPRISE Plan) vary depending on the individual contract details.

6.Will a receipt be issued?

If you need a receipt to be issued, please contact us at the following URL.

7.What should I do if I want to change my plan midway?

You can change it according to the procedures stated on the “View / Change” page under “About the usage plan” in “Administration ” of My AWRD editor.

*When changing from the PRO Plan to the FREE Plan, the following conditions must be met. Checklist for downgrading from PRO Plan to FREE Plan

  1. No project are in the midst of application
  2. ONLINE Review has to be limited to one for ongoing projects.
  3. There is only one project (if there are more projects, delete them before changing the plan)

*Since the published project will not be announced at the time of the downgrade, please publish it again.

*If payment fails for any reason, you will not be able to downgrade. Please downgrade after the payment process has been completed.