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An Open Innovation Platform for Accelerating Businesses with the Power of Creators

What is AWRD?

AWRD is a service that fosters open innovation and accelerates businesses by connecting them with creators via competitions and hackathons.

Feature 01

Engaging with a large volume is key when looking for phenomenal products and ideas.

AWRD draws on twenty years of creator connections and FabCafe’s unique global creator network, enabling it to collect products and ideas not just in Japan but from around the world as well.

Feature 02

However, even once you have assembled all these outside parties, simply conducting hackathons and competitions is not enough to get substantive results.

What kind of creators are needed? What sort of reviewers would be best suited to the project? And what kind of process is required? Our highly experienced staff will provide support regarding all these points.

Feature 03

Do the chosen products and ideas have an initial connection to the business? If so, open innovation is sure to be a success.

We also offer original programs for in-company workshops and product development to help businesses establish their identity. AWRD connects creators, ensuring a smooth start for projects by using highly effective communication strategies.

Price Plans

FREE PlanFree usage fee PRO PlanMonthly Plan ENTERPRISECustomized plan for corporate clients
Fee Free $1,400 /Month We will provide the most suitable proposal based on your needs.
Click here for details.
Number of Projects 10 Projects ($140 for each project after that)
Recommended Event Pitch/Hackathon Pitch/Hackathon/Competition/Challenge
Entry Period Only 3days No restrictions (within the contract period)
Application Form / Application Agreement Default Only Permission to use template and edit
Online Reviewing Function 1st Review only For the 1st–3rd review
Enty Data (CSV) Download
AWRD Newsletter Promotion Please note that the editor of the AWRD newsletter will randomly select featured projects.

Completely order-made enterprise plans also available! Please contact us for more information.

A Selection of Useful Operational Functions

The Vote Function

This function allows one-click popular voting, providing rewards for audience participation and involving more people – ideal for achieving effective PR results!

The Online Response & Review Function

This online platform combines recruitment notices, a response system, product management, reviews, and results announcements into one package. Responders and reviewers can use this system no matter where they are, greatly reducing both cost and the difficulties that accompany office-based work.

The Unique Messaging System

With this system, all involved parties can be notified simultaneously about things like extended recruiting periods and event information. Responses from individuals can also be answered quickly with this message base, keeping participants’ motivation levels high.

Example Projects

  • Discovery Japan
    “Creating New Visual Content by Connecting with Creators”

    For this project, we held a competition to find creators to produce unique images reflective of Japan. We introduced an advisor system to preserve individuality and quality, ensuring consistency for the ambassador-headed PR branding and the images created. As a result, our client gained both a new creator network and a new perspective on PR work.

  • Front
    “From BtoB to BtoC – A Change in Business Model”

    Front, a company focused on steel building materials, decided to take on the challenge of changing its business model by becoming a BtoC business. Accordingly, it conducted a campaign to collect product ideas featuring ARTSTEEL, a special kind of steel. Front incorporated AWRD competitions into its existing product development efforts, creating a community that ultimately allowed them to engage in international collaborations with designers

Past Successes