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Toyota VR

Toyota wanted to reinforce the reliability of their cars. So they invited unexpecting drivers to take part in a unique experience. This project was a collaboration between Antiloop and Agosto for Saatchi & Saatchi.

Normally within a virtual reality environment, the user does not have limbs, making the whole experience disjointed. By using motion tracking kit on the hands and body, we added an extra dimension to the experience, which allowed the users to play with the environment and move freely within the situation, increasing the emotional impact over them.

The drivers could interact with the car: steer the wheel, open the door, press the horn and start the engine. They could also exit the car and move within the virtual environment freely.

Four situations were developed and modelled by our in house team, to ensure maximum immersion, soundscapes were designed to mimic and emphasise the unexpected circumstances that the drivers found themselves thrust into:
Driving a car through the desert
Driving in a dangerous neighborhood
Driving over a bridge that suddenly gets open
Getting attacked by a bear

For the director, it was essential to control and trigger different events within the scene. All of the key elements from the bridge opening, the bear attacking and car window being smashed by a gang member were sequenced, meaning the director could instigate these at his will.