Division II: “CG Animation Theater”---public subscription for Animation

The “ASIAGRAPH2017 CG Art Gallery Public Exhibition”, sponsored by “ASIAGRAPH”. You decide the theme. We are looking for “Fresh Diversity”.

Closed FRI, JUN 01, 2018 - TUE, JUL 31, 2018

ASIAGRAPH is a joint event of science, art and exhibition where Asian researchers and creators active on the front line globally gather together, present most advanced technology and exhibit their works in order to further develop the Asian diverse and unique cultures and the Asian excellent and unique digital content created through combination of art and technology.

Division II: “CG Animation Theater”---public subscription for Animation



・The work should be an original CG animation made in 2016 or later.
・The applicant to be a person who was born, currently live or has nationality in Asia or an organization which has its nationality in Asia. Both amateur and professional creators are accepted.
・The applicant must have educational background of art or movie or experience of moviemaking, submitting a work to a movie competition or being screened of his/her work at an exhibition or event.
・Awarded works in any other competition, or works which has been used or published in corporate advertisement, prints, TV broadcast and webcast are also welcome for entry if they have been approved by the right holder.
・Such works that have established reputation and are being circulated in the market as published movies, DVD titles on sale (except for indie DVDs) or TV series titles would not be accepted for entry.
・More works than one can be accepted per applicant


・There are no restrictions as to the theme.
・Those works which use live motion mainly will be rejected.
・The maximum length of an animation should be 15 minutes. Consult the organizers if the applicant has a problem about length.


The subscribed works would be screened by the ASIAGRAPH CG Art Gallery selection committees.

Announcement of Selection Results:

Winners will be announced on this website.

Privileges for the Winners:

・Selected works will be screening at ASIAGRAPH CG Art Gallery.

Entry Fees:

Free of charge

How to Submit:

Send your animation file together with another file of additional information through the entry form page.
・Animation File
・Size for image capture of the work: the width should be within the rage of 480 to 640 pixels, but the height is not specified.
・Name of creator
・E-mail Address: The e-mail address where you can be reached.
・Applicant’s Profile: On the premise of disclosure, please summarized concisely the general outline of the subscribed work , its time length, and the past record of works been created within 70 words.

Details regarding the data of animation:
If you can upload your work on YouTube,Vimeo, pixiv or Flickr, Please upload your website or service and attach the URL on Entry form.Please let us know the password together on entry form. together
*It is possible to entry the work which is limited released. Please let us know the password on entry form

If you want to sending data directly:
Please send your DVD/CD containing the data of motion pictures with the same name filled in the entry form and your accurate postal address to the specified address indicated below:

・File of motion pictures: It should be playable in Widows Media Player/Flash Player/QuickTime Player.
・Duration of the work: within 15 minutes
・Size of the screen page: width640pixels × height480pixels or more
・It should be a single file.
・No any internet connection is accepted.

※CAUTION: No video is accepted! Your work is only accepted in data format.

ASIAGRAPH CG Art Gallery office
Rm B-311, C.M.D., Bunkyo Gakuin University
1-19-1, Mukogaoka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
113-8668, JAPAN

If sending the file via a file transfer service
Compress the following files and send via a file transfer service to the designated address below.
・Video file
・Capture image(s) of the work: 400 px wide or wider
・A screen captured image of the confirmation e-mail which was sent automatically after submitting the application form


* It is necessary to associate the applicant with the work, so do not forget to print out the confirmation e-mail and include it. If sending via file transfer service, take a screen capture of the confirmation e-mail and include it.

The applicant is assumed to agree with all the provisions at the point of submission.
Thus, the applicant shall read the guideline for application and the general rules carefully before submitting his or her works.

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