Better World Challenge

Exploring New Ideas for a Sustainable Future

Results MON, JAN 11, 2021 - SUN, MAR 21, 2021

We are looking for new ideas and you can submit anything! Below you can find useful examples for different types of submissions

Concept Sketch

Concept sketches are used to visualize ideas.
It is a quick way to reiterate and refine the concept.

In-Heal Mask by Michelle Lum, Mask Design Challenge
12H Mask by apolstamaria, Mask Design Challenge


Storyboard is a powerful communication tool, as it uses visual storytelling to focus on people and their actions, emotions, goals and relationships.

Everyone closet, Global Goals Jam Tokyo 2019
Angel Band, Global Goals Jam Tokyo 2020


Mock-up is a crude representation of a concept using any materials available. It can be an efficient way to test or explain ideas.

Sea You Soon, Global Goals Jam Tokyo 2017
Electric Oasis, Global Goals Jam Enschede 2019

Experience Prototype

If you are designing a digital service like a mobile application, you can prototype the interface and the user experience. You can make paper prototypes or use various digital tools like Adobe XD, Figma or MockFlow.

Paper Prototyping in Practice by Martha Eierdanz
Knowledge Hunter, Global Goals Jam Hong Kong 2019


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