Global Goals Jam Tokyo 2019

Do you have a passion for solving social challenges to improve lives? Do you want to leverage your skills and ideas in a diverse and high-energy setting to identify and attack issues in sustainability and inequality? Join us for the third edition of the Global Goals Jam in Tokyo, Japan, where local innovators, entrepreneurs, and creatives will join teams around the world in designing actionable interventions toward achieving the Global Goals.​​

Closed SAT, SEP 21, 2019 - THU, OCT 31, 2019

Global Goals Jam Tokyo 2019 Entry Agreement

Participation Rules / OPEN HACKATHON PITCH

The Rules set forth matters concerning the Project hosted by the Sponsor.

For people who intend to participate in the Project (the “Participant”), please make sure to read the Rules carefully. By submitting the work (the “Entry”) to the Sponsor and participating in the Project, the Participant shall be deemed to have agreed on the content of the Rules.

1. Participation procedure

(1) The Project invites Participants online, by using the web system of award platform “AWRD” operated by Loftwork Inc. (“Loftwork”, and collectively with the Sponsor, the “Project Related Persons”). In order to participate in the Project, the account registration to AWRD is necessary (Please see the Terms of Use of AWRD.).

(2) The Participant needs to make sure to follow participation procedure prescribed in the participation guidelines of the Project. The Sponsor may decline the participation of the Participant who does not follow the participation procedure prescribed in the participation guidelines.

2. Material used

(1) The Participant represents and warrants, that the texts, figures, images, data and any other information used in the Project (the “Material Used”) do not violate or are not likely to violate any rights of the thirdparty including intellectual property rights.

(2) If the Material Usedincludes material prepared by a third party other than the Participant (including, but not limited to, arts, images and fonts), the Participant shall obtain clearance of rights, such as to obtain the permission of such third party, at its own expense and responsibility.

(3) If the Sponsor considers that the Material Used violates or is likely to violate the rights of a third party, the Sponsor may prohibit its use, to which the Participant shall comply..

(4) If a third party claims violation of rights to the Project Related Persons in relation to the Material Used, the Participant shall defend and indemnify the Project Related Persons at its own expense and responsibility.

(5) If the Project Related Persons covered the damage compensation or cost based on a third party’s claim of rights violation, the Participant shall compensate the full amount, regardless of the name.

3. Product

The Participant shall permit other participants, the Project Related Persons and other third parties, to use the documents, diagrams,images, sound,videos, programs, data and any other things newly produced in the process of the participation in the Project (the “Product”) freely and without any cost.

4. Business or technical information

The Participant shall not use business or technical information of the Project Related Persons which can be known through the participation in the Project, for purposes other than the participation in the Project, without prior permission by the Project Related Persons..

5. Handling of personal information

The Sponsor shall handle the personal information of the Participant, in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (including relevant Cabinet Orders, rules and guidelines, the “APPI”), to the extent necessary for achieving the following purposes.

(a) Inquiry from the Sponsor

(b) Notice of examination results from the Sponsor to the Participant

(c) Project notification from the Sponsor to the Participant

(d) Other matters which are reasonably relevant to (a), (b) or (c) (including in the case when the Sponsor provides the personal information to a third party)

If you have any questions about the handling of personal information, please contact the Sponsor by using the message of the Project.

6. Points to note

6-1 Prohibited Items

(1) The Participantshall not take the following actions.

(a) Action which violates the Rules

(b)Action which violates or is likely to violate the rights of the third party including intellectual property rights

(c) Action which causes physical or mental harm to the third party

(d) Action which defames the third party

(e) Action which violates laws and regulations

(f) Action which disturbs public order

(g) Action which is equivalent to (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) or (f).

(2) If the Participant violates the Prohibited Items or the Sponsor considers it is likely to violate the Prohibited Items, or if the Applicant is recognized as an organized crime group, Sokaiya or other antisocial organization (a group or individual who pursues economic interests by using violence, power or fraudulent means) or equivalent, the Sponsor may exclude such Participant’s Entry from examination and cancel the participation in the Project.

6-2 Disclaimer

(1) If the Participant suffers damage in relation to the Project, such damage shall be fully assumed by the Participant, and the Project Related Persons shall assume no responsibility.

(2) If the Participant violates the provisions of the Rules and caused any damage, loss or cost to the Project RelatedPersons, the Participant shall compensate the full amount.

7. Other matters

(1) If continued work, such as matching with a company, proof of concept or joint research and development, arises after the Project ends, the Sponsor and the Participant shall consult in good faith about the details of condition.

(2) The Sponsor may change the content of the Rules any time, by notifying using appropriate means such as email. At the point of login, the Participant shall be deemed to have agreed to the latest Rules as of then.

(3) The matters not indicated in the Rules shall be determined by the Project Related Persons.


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