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Design a new gift using Akasaka Kakiyama's irregular okaki crackers and deadstock tin.

Reports MON, APR 01, 2013 - FRI, MAY 31, 2013

Why not consider a new type of gift, one made from dead stock containers and premium factory okaki (rice cracker) seconds, known as “Ohajiki”?

For those who love “Okaki in which the taste and aroma of rice can be felt”, Akasaka Kakiyama’s okaki are handmade by master craftsmen all the way from the picking of raw materials, to manufacturing.

However, there is part which is wasted in the production of these prestigious rice crackers.

One of these is “Ohajiki”, which has “defects” or “cracks” and so is treated as a low-value, poor quality product.

Then, there are cosmetic containers used for gift sets, which often become dead stock. Every time a design is changed, the old container needs to be destroyed and a new one produced.

We are wondering if it would be possible to make a charming gift from these “Ohajiki” and dead stock containers that would make both creators and buyers happy. So we are holding a competition in which participants can submit original ideas and designs of gifts made by combining Akasaka Kakiyama okaki and Ohajiki.

The winning idea will be produced through a collaboration between PASS THE BATON and a top Japanese art director, and will be sold at the PASS THE BATON retail store as well as online.

>>>Where Do “Ohajiki” Crackers Come From?

Hint for making deas

● The time and type of okaki produced, as well as the amount of “Ohajiki” will vary each day.

● The Ohajiki need to be packaged in an inner bag with a material which does not allow moisture to permeate through it.

● Please consider the shape and design of the inner bag (including printing) together.

● Since the Ohajiki will be entered into the inner bag by hand, its size and capacity needs to be adjustable.

●There are two sizes of container. You can use either size.

S Size W255×D195×H75

L Size W335×D270×H85 (mm)

● Since the containers already have print on them, in principle they cannot be printed on again.

● Decorations such as seals, labels, wrapping paper, strings, mizuhiki, ribbon, etc. may be used.

●Please assume a final price of 1,000 to 5,000 yen.

Hints and Tips

To help you think up some ideas, let’s take a look at some of PASS THE BATON’s original products.

Example 1. Produce a usage scene that docks with another object

For example, combine dead stock cups and rusks.

Example 2. Adding a story

Realize in the package “It is interesting if there is a story like this in the background of things”. For example, a story that a girl found an 80s / 90s accessory in the attic.

About this Project

“10,000 Creators Meet PASS THE BATON” is a project which examines sustainable creation and is being conducted through a collaboration between the “PASS THE BATON” select thrift store and “”. The project aims to make attractive products out of used goods and inventory from various manufacturers, and is being conducted under the concept of “NEW RECYCLE”.

Through four projects, we are holding an online contest for design ideas for changing grade B products and dead stock into “nice products”. We aim to produce the products for real through a collaboration between PASS THE BATON and art directors.

*We are using an open format competition in which submitted designs will be published in real time.

>>See the detailed project process


Ryosuke Uehara, Yoshie Watanabe  Art Director/Creative director

Masamichi Toyama Smiles Inc.

Chiaki Hayashi Loftwork, Inc.

Entry Overview

Entry Contents

A design image of a new gift created by combining and remaking dead stock containers and “Ohajiki” from the famous okaki store, Akasaka Kakiyama.

Entry Period

April 1, 2013 to May 31, 2013, 00:00 UTC/GMT +9

No. of Winners



1. Production of the winning design
2. Several copies of the final product (total may vary)
3. The experience of collaborating with a leading art director and PASS THE BATON to produce the product.


Masamichi Toyama (Smiles, Inc.)
Ryosuke Uehara, Yoshie Watanabe (Kigi, Inc.)
Chiaki Hayashi (Loftwork, Inc.)


Anybody may enter.
(A account is required. Registration and useage is free.)

Entry Method

After reading the “Background and Challenges”, use the default application format to create a design image and concept.
Post the image via “My Downloads” at, and attach the tag “10000me01“. Please click here for more details.


Smiles, Inc., Loftwork, Inc.

10,000 creators meet PASS THE BATON

"10,000 creators meet PASS THE BATON" is a 2013 collaborative upcycling project by select recycle shop "PASS THE BATON" and Loftwork which gives the inventory and used items of various manufacturers a second life as more appealing products under the concept of "NEW RECYCLE."



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