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Seeking new product idea using blue bottles from UK organic cosmetic line.

Closed WED, MAY 01, 2013 - MON, JUN 24, 2013

Seeking design ideas for a new product that uses Neal’s Yard Remedies’ beautiful blue bottle

Born in London in 1981, Neal’s Yard Remedies have been manufacturing and selling organic products, which promote good health and are environmentally friendly, since their establishment.

Their values of caring for the environment are not only reflected in their manufacturing processes, but they also actively collect and recycle used cosmetics bottles. Bottles that have been collected so far have been reused in ways such as being melted and reused as chopstick stands, and being powdered and reused as cullet on roads.

Is there a way of transforming these bottles, using the power of design, into an attractive product that is gentle to the environment as well as to people? In the “10,000 creators meet PASS THE BATON” project vol.2, we are inviting submissions of ideas and design images for a new product using Neal’s Yard Remedies’ bottles in an open competition format*.

The selected idea will be made into a product with the cooperation of Kigi and PASS THE BATON and is planned to be sold in the PASS THE BATON web shop and at outlets.

Design specifications and hints

1) 5 bottle sizes

The used bottles for this theme are limited to five sizes. It can be single or a combination of different sizes. Hmm. Bottle size is 1 ... H16.8 × W5 × D5 / 2 ... H12.3 × W4.5 × D4.5 / 3 ... H9 × W4 × D4 / 4 ... H8.5 × W3 × D3 / 5 ... H6 × W2.5 × D2.5 (cm)

2) A product that takes advantage of the shape of the bottle

It is also possible to have the idea of recycling the product in the form of a bottle. Cut the mouth of the bottle to change it to a ring, or use it as a container for other purposes. The photo shows a chandelier using a blue bottle by space creator Kim Sung-hee.

3) Melt glass into a new shape

The idea of melting a bottle in a glass workshop and transforming it into a completely different glass product is also welcome. The photo shows a chopstick rest and a massage bowl.

About Neil's Yard Remedies

Neal’s Yard Remedies have a policy of “rather than producing a lot, producing carefully.” Their product range includes organic cosmetics and aromatherapy products, which are produced in ways that are thoughtful towards people and the environment, such as by not using any synthetic fragrances, genetically modified crops or animal testing.

>> Neil's Yard Remedy's site

The vivid cobalt blue, which is also used in the bottles, is the color that represents Neal’s Yard Remedies.

About this project

“10,000 Creators Meet PASS THE BATON” is a project which examines sustainable creation and is being conducted through a collaboration between the “PASS THE BATON” select thrift store and “”. The project aims to make attractive products out of used goods and inventory from various manufacturers, and is being conducted under the concept of “NEW RECYCLE”.

Through four projects, we are holding an online contest for design ideas for changing grade B products and dead stock into “nice products”. We aim to produce the products for real through a collaboration between PASS THE BATON and art directors.

*We are using an open format competition in which submitted designs will be published in real time.


Ryosuke Uehara, Yoshie Watanabe Creative Director, Art Director

Masamichi Toyama  Smiles Co., Ltd.

Chiaki Hayashi  Loftwork Co., Ltd.

Entry Overview

Entry Contents

Neil's Yard Remedy's design image of a new product using a used blue bottle

Entry Period

May 1st, 2013-June 16th, June 24th, 24:00

Number of winners

1 person


1. Commercialization of adopted designs
2. Actual product several points (varies each time)
3. Collaborative experience for commercialization with art director and PASS THE BATON


Masamichi Toyama (Smiles Co., Ltd.)
Ryosuke Uehara, Yoshie Watanabe (Kigi Co., Ltd.)
Chiaki Hayashi (Loftwork Inc.)


Anyone can join.
(A account is required. Registration and usage are free of charge.

Entry Method

After reading "Background and Challenges", create a design image and concept using the default application format.
Submit a work image tagged “10000me02” to “My Downloads” on See here for details.


Smiles Inc., Loftwork Inc.

Series page of this award

"10,000 THE Creator Meets PASS THE BATON" is a select recycling shop "PASS THE BATON" that recycles stocks and used products from various manufacturers into more attractive products based on the concept of "NEW RECYCLE". And Loftwork.

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