Learn how to facilitate in drawing out the creativity of the audience in "Pratthana: A Portrait of Possession"

We are recruiting for the position of a facilitator in "Your Post Talk", an event for the audience to share their impressions after the performance of "Pratthana".

Closed MON, APR 22, 2019 - SAT, JUN 08, 2019

Application Requirements

・Please make sure to confirm the event overview, application requirements, and the application agreement

・For those who have participated in either [School 1], [School 2], or both schools, we will be sending the AWRD application form. Please apply upon filling in the necessary information. The deadline is June 8 (Saturday).

Number of Positions

・We are recruiting for 7 facilitators for the "Your Post Talk".

・In the case that we receive many applicants, a selection process will be conducted by the mentor. We will notify you of the selection results by June 17 (Monday).


・Those who have participated in either [School 1], [School 2], or both schools

・Those who can participate in both days of the "Your Post Talk" being held on June 30 and July 6 (Saturday).

・You do not need any prior experience in WS facilitation. (Participation in [School 1] is recommended for those who have no prior experience in WS Facilitation)

・You do not need to have prior experience in theater or the performing arts.

・For those who have an active interest in the new attempt to combine theater with WS Facilitation.

Application Requirements

・To meet the aforementioned qualifications and be willing to provide the necessary information in order to apply.


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