Learn how to facilitate in drawing out the creativity of the audience in "Pratthana: A Portrait of Possession"

We are recruiting for the position of a facilitator in "Your Post Talk", an event for the audience to share their impressions after the performance of "Pratthana".

Closed MON, APR 22, 2019 - SAT, JUN 08, 2019

Come become a facilitator to shed light on ambiguity.

After the performances of "Pratthana: A Portrait of Possession" on June 30 and July 6, we will be hosting an event called "Your Post Talk" for people from the audience. At this event, where people can share their impressions of the play, we are looking for someone interested in implementing workshop facilitation.

The school prior to the event has lectures to learn the fundamentals of a workshop, an explanation of "Pratthana" as a work, and a graphic recording WS to get a better idea of how things will go on the day of the performance.

We are looking forward to applications from people who are interested in learning about WS facilitation through theater. Those without prior experience are welcome!

2018 August Bangkok Performance / Footage
2018 August Bangkok Performance / Footage

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Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre





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