Call For Entries! "QWS Challenge #01"

"What is your question?" At SHIBUYA QWS, we are taking applications for our "Undiscovered Values Project"!

Closed THU, AUG 01, 2019 - MON, SEP 30, 2019

We are taking applications for our "Undiscovered Values Project".

SHIBUYA QWS will open for business in November, 2019.

The "QWS Challenge" is a program to promote the "Undiscovered Values Project".

Once every three months we will make a call for entries, and the selected team will be allowed to use the project space directly connected to Shibuya Station for free.

As long as the project asks an original [question] based on the applicant's own sensibilities and can be carried out while involving various players, there will be no restrictions on the field or scale of the project. Works-in-progress are also welcome.

People who want to start a project with a [question].

People looking for a base of activities for their project team.

People who want to explore the possibilities of their project in Shibuya, where a diverse range of people gather.

This program is for you!

Application theme: Crossing borders with [questions]

"Why does the needle of a compass point north?"

"How can you speak to someone with hearing difficulties?"

A variety of [questions] that arise in everyday life,

not only in academic or political circles.

The ideas that will shape the future that no-one knows yet

are always born from the asking of [questions].

And so it is those [questions] that have the potential

to transcend all positions and domains.

The facility name of SHIBUYA QWS comes from the acronym "Question with Sensibility".

QWS believes that the curiosity that interests people in things they do not understand and the uncomfortable feeling of dissatisfaction with the current situation are important "questions with sensibility" that will shape the future.

Your question with sensibility will inspire the players gathered at QWS and mix with various other perspectives.

The fact that it is a [question] which has not yet been answered is exactly what allows a collaboration that transcends positions and domains to occur.

Just what exactly will be born at that time?

What kind of future will the border-crossing [question] create?

The "QWS Challenge" is taking applications for our "Undiscovered Values Project".

Support Outline

Provision of project space (3 months) - November 1st, 2019 to January 31st, 2020

Project spaces directly connected to Shibuya Station, such as "PROJECT BASE" and "CROSS PARK" with movable tables, whiteboards, and FAB rooms, will be made available to use for free. It can be used not only as a base for activities but also as a prototyping facility, and as a place to refine projects while tackling [questions].

*The details of the facilities are summarized in theFAQ.


Diverse network of the Scramble Society

SHIBUYA QWS brings together a diverse range of people of different age groups and areas of expertise in a way that is unique to Shibuya. If you have a session with the Scramble Society players, the kind of people you can't usually meet in day-to-day life, you may encounter unexpected [questions] and find new opportunities for your project.


Announcement at "QWS Stage" - Scheduled for end of January 2020

After 3 months of activity, you can participate in "QWS Stage" and present the content you challenged at QWS. We will aim for the possibility of continuing the project by presenting your [question] in a setting where various professionals are gathered.


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